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Full Version: Altboot On Sl-5500
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I've had my Zaurus since 2002. I've run Sharp's ROM 3.10 for a long time. The other day my Z ran out of battery and all my data got nuked. So, I decided to go with OZ and put the system on my SD card.

It's been a bit of trial and error to get the pieces in place, but now I'm at the point where altboot asks me to select a rootfs (I installed 3 files in the boot-images folder). I select opie-image-3.5.4-collie.rootfs.bin (which is really opie-image-3.5.4-collie.rootfs.tar.gz...I renamed the file .bin instead of .tar.gz), and I get the following error:
ERROR: mount -t ext2 /dev/loop0 /media/image failed!

If I run df after the failed error message, I see that / is 91% used. Is this the problem? I went with the 64-0 combination. Is that the problem?
Is there a way to tell altboot to mount on /media/card/image ?
Thanks. I'm not sure about what I'm doing here. I'm hoping that after having the system on the SD card, if the power is lost, I'll still have my data. Is this assumption correct?

I have high hopes for OZ. I got used to some weirdness on the Sharp ROM, and I look forward to a Z without these quirks. One other thing, I loved Opera. I remember using Konqueror years ago, and experiencing memory crashes, etc. Opera, on the other hand, has been fabulous. What is the browser of choice on Oz? I only see Konqueror...and it looks like it was last updated in 2003. Is Konqueror ok?

Many questions. I appreciate your answers.
Similar to question I posted at

I have a feeling there is some step we are missing, related to what is the right kind of image file to use and where to get it.

Does someone know the answers?

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