after fidling around for a bit and remeber the articles i came across that delt with the new sound drivers i ran alsamixer and was supprised to see some of the cool stuff in the driver

for example you can turn the external speaker an and off or let it be auto controlled depending on wethier headpones are inserted or not

there is also bass and treble sliders to boost the low or high freqencies

in addition there is also a 3D mode that i belive tries to make the sound appear to come from the headphones rather than inside your Head (an unfortunate side effect of headphnoes that can cause tiredness and give you ideas abut world domination) but i find that it tended to reduce sound quality

i also have tried to find other stuff that the user may like, such as fiddling with hdparam for HD speed up ion the c3x00 however i found that apart from one option the settings reduce the performance when using the -t option

looking into "laptop mode" that has been built into 2.6 as i have hear reports that it gave users about half an hour on x86 laptops, it seems like if you are listening to mp3's you may not recive much benifit but anything that writes often shouldnt drain the battery life

alsa looking into some other /proc/sys tweaks that will help with peformance/battery life

if you have any cool things like those mentioned above post them here