I've tried to compile EDE (http://ede.sourceforge.net/) and Ion3 (http://freshmeat.net/projects/ion/?branch_id=52162).
So there are some problems:
With EDE: Main Menu Button doesn't work.
With Ion:
1) Lastest (20060326) Snapshot doesn't compile (CC@: command not found). I've used previous (20060317)
2) I can't remap figure how to remap keyboard (Need emulation of F1-F12 keys and Alt working).
3) LUA 5.1 doesn't work with Ion3 (configure script of Ion3 can't find LUA). I don't understand how to configure it normaly. So LUA 5.0.2 was compiled (and without Dynamic loading support).

Links to test ipks:
http://zavrik.ru/feed/pdaxrom/ion_3ds20060317_armv5tel.ipk - Ion3
http://zavrik.ru/feed/pdaxrom/lua_5.0.2_armv5tel.ipk - LUA
http://zavrik.ru/feed/pdaxrom/efltk_2.0.5_armv5tel.ipk - EFLTK
http://zavrik.ru/feed/pdaxrom/ede_1.0.4_armv5tel.ipk - EDE