I installed on my C1000. I have previously had the default TriSoft rom so I tried OPIE first. Boy was it sluggish. In contrast GPE is a wonder. I have my WiFi CF card working well but am having problems with Bluetooth/GPRS. I use my K750i with my laptop regularly so the phone setup is good.

I've googled and read for several hours. There are hundreds of postings on Bluetooth for older roms. I have not found information on the newer OZ (3.5.4 and releases. What I've found leads me to believe that the GPE image for the Alpha1 release may be missing some of the Bluetooth GUIs.

By typing into the root shell I was able to start gpe-bluetooth and discover the K750i. I have not been able to hook it up to the networking stack.

Pointers to relevant postings or documentation would be appreciated. Alternatively, pointers to missing packages or other information would work. And in a pinch a set of directions would not be dismissed. cool.gif