I have bought a 40GB USB HDD and would like to use it as a backup device for the Zaurus (and other computers, too).

Now, in order to make clean dd backups of the twp first HDD partitions of the Zaurus, is there a way to mount the USB HDD in the B+D emergency Linux sytem?

I tried a modprobe usb-storage and it found the module, but reported a lot of unresolved symbols usb_*.

I could now investigate which modules areneeded and try to load them all (would write a script for that and store it on SD card, which is mounted in B+D system), but maybe someone has already done this...?
I suspect it might be a complex thing because all that hotplug mechanisms are probably not available in the emergency system.

Or is there a way to unmount /dev/mtdblock3, /dev/hda1 and /dev/hda2 temporarily during normal usage of the Zaurus? That would also allow for clean backups.