A longshot, but does anyone have a HOWTO or something on getting this card to work with WPA-PSK in OZ 3.5.4? I had it working in Cacko by following this, but wlan-ng.opts doesn't exist, and changing wireless.opts accomplishes nothing...

It's identified as a "SanDisk ConnectPlus OEM (0MB)" since it appears to have the same manufacturer id (d601, 0010 or something) and the card gets activated. I can scan for networks and I see my home WLAN.

I suspect it's only a matter of activating WPA, although my AP (DLink DI-624) shows no sign of the Xaurus trying to connect - the logs on the web interface are blank.

wpa_supplicant with a minimal config file (ssid, psk and scan_ssid) shows two networks with the parameters ssid='', wpa_ie_len=0, rsn_ie_len=0 and says "skip - no WPA/RSN IE" on both.