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Full Version: Snes9x From Oz 3.5.4 Feed
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Here's what I get after installing Snes9x:

root@collie:# snes9x /roms/snes/Flashback\ \(E\).smc
Rate: 22050, Buffer size: 2048, 16-bit: yes, Stereo: yes, Encoded: no
Found ROM file header (and ignored it).
"FLASHBACK" [checksum ok] HiROM, 16Mbits, Type: ROM only, Mode: 21, TV: PAL, S-RAM: 0KB, ROMId: ???? Company: BD CRC32: 5DAFAC3E
joystick: No joystick found.
Failed to connect to X server.

SL 5500, OZ 3.5.4 with SD as root altboot

Are you running Opie or GPE? If I remember right, stock, it wont work under Opie, since it requires X11 (which GPE has).
In Opie, you can cange your feed to 3.5.3 and install snes9x-sdl-qpe. It is not at 3.5.4
Remenber to change the ipkg.conf again to feed 3.5.4
Or request that this ipk is build by hrw in the requests thread.

tried to build it but failed - will look into this in spare time
I got the 3.53 feed version working -- my quest now is to map the "ok", menu, and mail buttons. I can map the "home" button, but only the HOLD functino of the menu and mail work (keycodes 262-265 iirc)
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