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Full Version: WiFi Locator
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I was wondering how hard it would be for one of you programing gurus to whip up something like the newer PocketPCs use for WiFi? My Toshiba 805 has a graphical interface that shows all the local WiFi spots and it would be kinda nice if my 5600 had that too... Is this doable? Or should I still talk my 805 out for wifi hunting?

How do you mean a display of the WiFi spots? If you just stand still does it tell you their range, or do you have to wander about with a GPS and then they are plotted? If it's the latter then you can do this - get the data at least - with Wellenreiter or kismet, I'm not sure about displaying it.

It has a bunch of circles for ranges is about the extent of it. It doesn't actually tell you what direction to go or anything, just relies on signal strength. I looked at both Wellenreiter and kismet last night and it looks like they are only for the ARM processor? At least that is what all the packages said. Doesn't the 5600 have an xscale? The wellenreiter looked pretty cool though, and would do what I would need it too. But as far as installing it IF it were compatible with xscale, I don't think I am comfortable enough to know what packages to download and all that. I played with linux before on the PC and when it came to packages and compiling I got totally lost.

The XScale is an ARM processor.

The 5500s etc. have a SA1110 processor, your 5600 and the CXXX machines have XScale PXA2x0 processors which are also ARM processors.

In fact your PXA chip is able to use the ARM5 instruction set whereas my 5500 can only use the ARM4 set.

Everything is currently written to use the ARM4 instruction set and the PXA is backwards compatible so you're fine (in terms of processor type at least) with anythiing you can find written for any Zaurus (and any Linux iPAQ too FYI).

Now that that little matter is cleared up ;-), I've only every used Wellenreiter and kismet to look for networks, not to work out how strong their signals are. This function must have to be, I presume, supported by the drivers. I don't know whether it's possible but I'm sure someone like Mickeyl (who was involved in the development of Wellenreiter) could tell you.

There is a monitor mode extension called "prism header" which both hostap and orinoco drivers feature. In this extended monitor mode, you'll get a signal/noise header before every packet you receive.
Thanks guys! I will try the software tonight
what're the odds of wellenreiter or kismet burning out your wifi card?

i had an ambicom, and ever since using kismet on it it's rarely worked anymore.. i have a linksys now and i'm very hesitant to try these programs on them
I've run both kismet and wellenreiter with my Symbol card.
No adverse effects even after a couple of hours of wellenreiter
Anyone still interested in this?

I just read something in New Scientist (26th June 2004 - I'm a bit behind the times, not enough time for reading unfortunately), Technology section, p.21, "Wi-Fi finds the way".

Basically it's about using WiFi in cities to replace GPS (due to buildings obscurring satellite coverage) - this is along the same lines as the original question (IMO ;-))

It points to this site:

There's a Linux (Java) source download available:

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