Hi Folks

I'm trying to use my own build of mplayer, built from the source downloaded from the main mplayer site.

The problem I'm facing is that when I run it on the Zaurus I don't get any output apart from on the console. My understanding from this page is that it's "writing to the framebuffer directly" and you have to "exit Qtopia".

How do you "exit Qtopia" on an SL-C700 ?
If I run X/Qt will it use that display ?
How does kino etc "intercept" the output to show it when Qtopia is running ?
(I tried to re-build kino because that version of mplayer source doesn't recognise -nortc and -vo w100 options. Unfortunately I still can't see output!)
Where can I get the w100 and bvdd driver source for building mplayer with these output options ?

Any help would be appreciated,