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Full Version: Just Got A 5600. What's Best Rom
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I just got a 5600 and am wondering what ROM's are floating around with what features. So tell me, what ROM do you use and WHY.

Also, you can throw in What you use your 5600 for.
My vote for the 5x00 series is for OpenZaurus with Opie.

It's got an active development effort, lots of software, and excellent Gaim support.

My primary use for handhelds... checking e-mail, chatting, light web browsing, taking notes while reading.

Cheers, Randall
Welcome to Zaurusland. It depends very much on your personal skills with Linux.

Developer with strong Linux back
- Try all ROMs that fit 5600
- Do drop a note on your experience here
- be prepared to face crashing of OS in your machine

Advanced Linux users like me
- Use various programming langugaes, like python and java for fun
- Use the PIM for personal data
- Use high capacity CF storgae, 4-8 GB, for keeping programming and technical infor for referenceces via Opera browser.
- Recommended software
- Advanced File Manager for managing files
- Neocal for calculator function
- Tkc M3 Player to play your favourite songs
- ZBEDic to access Wikipedia and dictionaries
- QKonsole for terminal usage
- ZEditor for text editor
- Opie Reader to read various types of documentation and ebooks
- VNC Server to enable remote control of 5600 via networking
- Wish to explore if time permits
- Networking using Samba, NXmachine
- Wireless networking
- network security tools

In short, no limit in personal use and exploration using the machine.

Please do not forget to back up data at all times.
I use it to transfer files from PC to Wristwatch,

Apache/PHP Webserver,

Hacktool for auditing my network, (Need a new wifi card before I can seriously use it for this),

All my music is played on the Z,

Gaming, Via SNES emulation,

Scientific Calculator with gwCalc,

Web and Email over GPRS,

Image Viewer,

Wireless COMMS tool,

Circuit Simulator,

Writing Word and Excel Documents,

Reviewing presentations,

Reading any highly-graphical PDF's (Text based docs like Z4CK and Digital Force get put on my WristWatch),

PIM!!!!!! (Shocking, I know.)

GPS system,

Writing Code in Text Editor,

Instant Messaging,

Databases (Portabase, zElement, zPDG)

Web Development,

Simple Image Editing.

Basically, the 5600 can do everything except sensible video playback. With Kernel 2.6, we should even have that!!!! ^^ (yes, it's VERY fast.)

So for now, use what you like. When OZ-OPIE/2.6 is fully functional, then use it. It's going to be very worth it. ^^
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