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Full Version: Bring Up Interface Wlan0 (planex Gw-cf11x)
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I have read all the topics related to wifi for two days and I haven't be able to do a very simple thing: I want to bring up the wlan0 interface (Planex GW-CF11X) on my SL-C3200 using Sharp ROM.

- Using the desktop icon "Connect", my card wakes up, seems to scan the available networks, but then goes down after 1 minute. Note: I don't want to connect to any network, just bring it up and play with it, for example to list the available AccessPoints available in my area. Btw looking at /home/QtPalmtop/apps/__6x010netconnect.desktop shortcup, there is no "exec=" directive but an "Embedded=network_connect" but no network_connect command found in defaut paths...

- Using the terminal, I was not able to find out what commands where used to bring it up. I suspect this has something to with: cardctl scheme default (spits out some errors about not being able to ramwrite the prism2_pm.hex firmware), or cardctl scheme CardResume (does nothing)... I looked in /etc/wlan but there are a bunch of scripts and I can't find the good one.

I am very surprised that I can't find this answer on the web, this seems to be such a simple need. I just want to bring up my network card and then play with iwconfig, iwpriv and iwlist !

Please help..........
Well I have found the answer to my problem: I have installed OpenZaurus on my C3200, and I can do what I want with my network interface.

So bye bye Sharp ROM, and hello OpenZaurus!
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