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Full Version: Import Bookmarks Into Picsel Browser?
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Since there seems to be no solution to importing bookmarks into Netfront,
I'm posting this again, except this is for Picsel Browser.
(No one has replied to my Netfront related post).
Also there seems to be NO forums/help sites whatsoever for Picsel Browser.
There is a Picsel forum at:
I have asked Zaurus related questions there, but that forum is for Picsel Proviewer. (For Palm and phones)
Is there a method to import Firefox bookmarks into Picsel Browser on my C3100?
I exported my bookmarks from Firefix to a 1MB HTML file.
I can open this in Picsel Browser on my Z, and click on the links, but there are 697 links on one page.
I want to be able to use the Picsel Browser bookmark function to browse my bookmarks.
How can this HTML file be imported into the Picsel Browser bookmarks?
Is there a file that I can copy all the URLs (as text) into?
This also brings up another question related to Netfront:
Is there a text file for Netfront that the URLs can be copied into?
Also, I would like to retain the "Folder" structure, the same way as it appears on my desktop.

Next, I used Internet Explorer to import above "Bookmarks.html"
Now I have a directory structure, and 697 bookmarks and 62 folders.
(all in windows shortcut format, these are shortcuts to urls)
Is there a way I can import these into Picsel Browser?
how do you like picsel BTW
Actually I got interested in Picsel Browser, (and getting a Zaurus), from reading this post: (posted by DRDR)
This is what inspired me to get my first Zaurus. smile.gif SL-C3100
I have an older version on my Palm and was looking for a manual, last November, when I found the above page.

I like it pretty well. I haven't tried using the browser to surf the internet yet.
It reads most *.PDF files with really good clarity.
It is the only *.PDF viewer that will open my map of the state of Illinois on a Zaurus.
I posted about this map and Picsel here:

Here's a post with manuals in English, (they are not for this version, but are very similiar).
Meanie also posted the original Japanese manual.
It doesn't open Meanie's "zbook3k.pdf" very well. I tried it with a 128MB swapfile.
It opens it with all the images, but most of the text is missing.

I especially like how it handles offline webpages. This is one of the best features to me.
Webpages like Meanie's huge "all on one page" guides works really good. (I saved these offline).
Pages with everything on one page, is my favorite becaues I can just scroll downward with the hardware directional pad.
Documents such as *.PDF and *.HTML with many pages, require the stylus to turn pages, unless you enable your hardware button to turn pages.

Reflow mode works only with *.HTM, *.HTML, & *.DOC. It doesn't work with *.PDF
Reflow mode is a mode that "wraps" the text and relocates the images to view documents on a small screen.
Reflow doesn't work for plain text. I just tried this. I would think it could "wrap" plain text. dry.gif
I don't know if Reflow would work on Powerpoint files. I don't have any of these.

I also love the fact that it can view *.WMF vector files.
Now I can view a lot of CorelDraw files and vector files that have been saved to *.WMF.
It chokes on complex images like the famed "Huntress.cdr" (converted to *.WMF)

I have only tried 2 *.XLS files
I just tried to open my karaoke song database *.XLS, (21,026 rows X 3 columns). It's still trying after 2 minutes.
I'm going to go make a pot of coffee and see if it succeeded.
Just came back after 8 minutes. It was still trying, I exited the program.
I haven't found a program for Zaurus or Palm that will open those karaoke databases natively.
Portabase doesn't open these very well. Hancom sheet chokes at 8,000 rows.
I save them as *.CSV and use CSVview on my Zaurus to view these.
On my Palm, I convert them to "Pilot database format".

I haven't tried any Powerpoint files.
There are a lot of files such as scanned *.PDF and others that I haven't tried to open.
Read my first link, posted by DRDR, he goes into more detail about these files.

One of my major gripes, besides the cost, is that I can't back it up, or move it to a large SD card.
I'm going to eventually get a 4GB SD card, now that the new SL-C3200 driver allows them.
I tried to "liberate" Picsel from it's card and run it from my internal hard drive, but was unsucessful.
If I could, I would send Sharp Japan a 4GB SD with my Picsel card and have them make a copy for me. (That would probably cost double).
Edited for spelling errors
Picsel-browser says it can read flash files... does it mean you can play flash games?
like, say, zookeeper? smile.gif
I think it only shows flash as a static image.
Quoted from DRDR's post, my first link above:
"If Flash animations are embedded into the web page, they will be shown embedded into the page just like graphics."

I hope DRDR doesn't mind me quoting his post here:
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