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Full Version: Puredata Anywhere On Sl-5500 (newbie)
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I have been trying to get Pure Data anywhere (PDa) running on my Zaurus SL-5500 using the latest 3.5.4 feeds.

OPIE complained about missing libxau... and other libs

GPE froze when it wouldn't eject (unmount) a CF ram.

OE (bootstrap) complained about no display (see below)

PDAXROM couldn't get past the first password.

X/Qt is probably to heavy for this lightweight.

Since PDa can be computationally intensive I wanted the lightest overhead system available.

My thought was to use OE bootstrap and build the requirements X11, TCL, TK, but I couldn't get the Xserver started. This is my second Zaurus, I want it to be just a Pure Data machine. I don't need a GUI windows manager but Pure Data uses TK and X11 as a graphics interface.

If I can't get PDa working tonight with OPIE, I'll try GPE again, this looks like the best rom for X11, TCL, TK. With GPE how do you stop the CF ram cart to switch to a CF WIFI cart? Is SD or CF better for storing programs? If I have SD or CF ram should I use the 58-6 or 64-0 image instead of the 48-16 that I use on my other Zaurus SL-5500? If I use SD for program storage is there problems switching SD cards to have a PDa environment, a cSound environment or a Python environment?

Any advice or hints would be appreciated.
I got PDa kind of running on GPE. I still have some issues with the display and the interface, PD on a regular computer expects both mouse and keyboard inputs, I'm having trouble coordinating this. And the display doesn't work right, objects get stacked on top of each other, and dialog boxes open under the current window making it hard to find.

Is there any good information about TCL/TK on Zaurus?
Or is there any info of converting TCL/TK programs to GTK?

If anyone else is interested in trying Pure Data anywhere here is the website:

If you want to learn more about PD and run it on your desktop:
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