Ok all. Here is the deal. I am the lead developer of ZSREP. The Zaurus Synchronization Repository. You may be saying that you heard about the Zaurus Synchronization Repository before, but it was only working for Linux. Well, it is true that originally the Zaurus Synchronization Repository produced two tools for synchronizing sharp based roms with Linux. These tools were called zync and zync-gui as some of you may have remembered.

zync and zync-gui were really proofs of concept that I actually reverse engineered the synchronization protocol correctly and that I could produce software to successfully sync with Zaurus. Well, they were short lived successes (however successing in linux) because as I found maintaining plug-ins for rapidly changing Desktop PIM applications in Linux alone is a never ending battle with my schedule.

Hence, I have chalked zync and zync-gui up to a learning experience and since then have decided to develop a cross-platform library (Linux, Mac OS X, BSD Family) which will support synchronization with the Zaurus (Sharp based ROMs of course). I have already starting doing a complete re-write of the core libraries used in zync so that it can be cross-platform.

I will then write a OpenSync plugin using this cross-platform library, hence producing a cross-platform solution for synchronizing one's Zaurus with Mac OS X and Linux.

The only real problem I have as of now is that I need someone (preferablly multiple people) who are willing to be in communication with me and provide at least compilation and installation testing of the library, if not test of the installed library as well. That way I can make sure that this library is functioning on Mac OS X.

Note: compilation testing simply means running the following two commands and e-mailing me any error output


The install testing requires only one more command,

make install

Well, anyways, you can check out the project at http://zsrep.sf.net and please contact me if you are interesting in helping test, or even develop this solution.

my jabber id is cyphactor@jabber.org or cyphactor@jabber.anywise.com. I can be reached on these accounts by anyone using Google Talk as well.

If you are an AIM junky then you can contact me via my aim name of HUNNYnNUTTS.

If e-mail is your game please contact me at cyphactor@socal.rr.com.

Andrew De Ponte (cyphactor)