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Full Version: Need A Different Screenshot Applet [found]
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I was reading Daneil's webpage and there is mention of a screenshot applet with these features:

# Screenshot applet (screenshotapplet_arm.ipk)

# Creates small PNG files in ~/Documents/image

This would mean, it creates the pictures on my hard drive in Documents.
I need to stop the default Cacko Screenshot applet from writing to my Picsel Card.
Since there's no way to backup my Picsel Card, I don't want to write files to it, if I can avoid it.
I googled to the end of all the returns and all the links are dead for:


Where can I find this. I also searched the feeds, nothing could be found

EDIT: I found this:

I'm not sure if I'm going to use it for 2 reasons
1. it's from 2002
2. the directory in the site listed above is also mirrored to

I poked around in /sbin and found these 3 files:
I'll try and move the scshotsd to another directory and see if the screenshots get directed to /hdd3
(like it does when no cards are inserted).

Those files must be in the jiffs filesystem. I cannot manipulate them without some tweaking, which I don't want to attempt with my lack of Linux experiance.
I finally found screenshotapplet smile.gif

This is a great little program that runs in the start bar and you just tap it,
and it gives a *.png screen shot that can be transfer over to your computer.
Now you can share your Zaurus with the world or just us here at ZUG.
Filesize: 14.55 Kb
Added on: 12-Dec-2003
I'm surprised this didn't show up in Google....

Make sure you restart Qtopia. After this screenshotapplet installed, all my icons on my taskbar were gone.
Restarting Qtopia restored these icons.
In my previous post I mentioned that the *.png files are saved to /Documents/image
(this is actually /hdd3/Documents on my C3100)
The path is: /hdd3/Documents/image/png/
If you look at my attached file, it's a small icon that looks like a Fuji throw-away green camera.
(Between the clipboard applet and the speaker applet)

If anyone wants to know, this installs to the following directory:
(This is the only thing that has ever installed to this directory on my C3100)
Now I need to find a keyboard shortcut to run this while using Picsel Browser.
This applet needs access to the taskbar, which isn't available while Picsel Browser is open.
I just had to add some compliments for this screenshot applet.
I think everyone should get this because:
1. no more large bitmap files created. (it creates *.png)
2. no need to rotate images. (images are created in landscape)
3. no need to convert bitmaps to *.jpg to decrease filesize
4. filesize is exactly the same as a converted *.bmp > *.jpg using 15% compression.
5. much easier to post screenshots on this forum while online on your 'Z' smile.gif
6. no desktop PC needed.
Before I got this, I needed to open the *.bmp screenshots in Paint Shop Pro on my PC,
and then rotate them 90ยบ and then re-save them as a *.jpg before I could attach here.
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