Hi all:

I've made an ipk of KanjiFlash 1.2 for the Z and a script to enable it to run well and load lesson files, which otherwise is a problem on the Z.

You need to have Jeode installed, not personal-profile-for-zaurus, in order for this to run without problems, the personal-profile-for-zaurus doesn't allow you to load lessons.

Get it here: kanjiflash_1.2-1_arm.ipk

You will note the similarity between this an knQuiz, which is great, however knQuiz currently (v 0.7) has a flaw in my opinion, that it doesn't allow you to reverse test, i.e. display a Kanji and test yourself on it's reading and meaning, it only goes from displaying the meaning and allows you to only test yourself on knowing the Kanji.

KanjiFlash does both, so it's great. It has a disadvantage compared with knQuiz, in that ithe test files must include the tested term, and reading, and translation, i.e. doesn't use edict directly. Check the included lessons files' format to get an idea.