i want this thread to become a Ruby resource
to other Z sl-5500 users, containing links
to Ipks, compatible libs, sample scripts and
anything else that would benefit this thread

i recently got ruby going on my Z, its super cool!

i did some searches of the forum an found nothing stating worth to info on this, my best bet was google.

im a noob to programming, ive been at it for about 2 years trying to figure out where to start, this seems like it might* be a break for me. thoughout my searching and studying various languages i always either find myself incompatible or the dependencies an libs are non existent to what i want to do.

so far ive actually gotten some ruby scripts to run and this is very exciting!

i set out last week to find a way to send OpenSound Control (OSC) messages, using my Z sl-5500 to communicate with all of the wonderous sound/graphics OSC enabled programs. http://www.opensoundcontrol.org/implementations

okay, here it is:

this 1st
this 2nd

if you havent already, open the console. an do this:
# uname -a

you should get something like this:
Linux zaurus 2.4.18-rmk7-pxa3-embedix #1 Fri, 9 May 2003 09:20:18 +0900 armv4l unknownbash-2.05$

now do this:
# ruby -v

you should get something like this:
ruby 1.8.4 (2005-12-24) [arm-linux]

i got this info from here:
(i didnt include some of the other info he wrote because i do not know what it does,
i only really understand that most of what he wrote after the code above, pertained to an earlier version which put everything on an sd card.
i think* the 2nd part adds those directories to your #path, i am unsure.)


i installed visiscript just tonight, seems pretty handy too.
although the OSC script i found seems to lock it up
(reason: either i really have no idea or the script i found is waiting for some kind of input from somewhere?)

here is the link to the OSC script, if anyone wants to have a go:
i have only been able to run "localtest.rb" the others produce errors..
it seems i dont have everything i need to run the others, an i dont yet know where to get them
(if you understand this, would you please tell me what i'm doing wrong?)

this site has alot!

okay, so far this is as far as i have gotten with finding compatible libs / something i can get to work!!!! i dont know how much of these packages will work, it seems alot of them need to be compiled and i dont have the ability to compile these yet, to know how much of these will work. ive been trying to just run the .rb scripts

there is a tremendous amount of info on ruby, but since this thread is platform specific, i would like to find everything that is compatible, for our Beloved Z sl-5500'S!
i will keep updating this, if there is interest. if not, i'll be back periodically to check up.

so far,
my main plan is to build a zaurus ruby app w/ gui to use to send OSC messages/bundles to OSC enabled software, using a tabbed interface with an XY controller, programmable buttons, sliders and maybe some knobs, while having another tab for a small console for monitoring/writing new messages.

atm, i have no idea where to start, except by finding compatible ruby libs and scripts

heres some more links specifically for ruby:
the place where i found the OSC scripts:

i hope that we can help each other using this thread, so reply!
if not then this post will have become a waste of time an i'll probably delete it!


it seems that apparently the ruby-qte ipk above, is somehow incompatible with the 5500's. im not positive about this but im getting no indication that they are.
looks like this may have to go back some versions for things to work properly.
or figure out how to get a compiler going and find the cvs for wherever the source is
for the 5500.
i found a devel package full of examples and tutorials, so maybe i'll find the answers inside. we will see.

well its about a week later, i took a break from messing with this, an it seems to have paid off! Archimedes wife was so undoubtedly correct. apparently i wasnt following the procedure of installing the libs correctly. i will revise this whole post, soon.