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Full Version: Gsm And Screen Hack
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Now that albertr has succesfully added bluetooth and wifi, the challenge seems to be adding GSM, upgrading RAM and replacing the 3.7" screen by the SL6000 4" screen perfectly readable outdoor.

I have finally purchased an old clamshell for the screen hack purpose (I'm waiting for the delivery!) and I will be happy to fully document the process, like I did for the Simpad MMC and bluetooth addon. If it works, it shouldn't be different on the C3xxx.

Upgrading RAM has already been done before - the rick is finding the RAM chips. So far I had no success trying to purchase some for the SL6000. I think I'll need some help there.

The big work will be on the GSM addon. I have both a CF GSM (which could replace the microdrive) and a GSM module (which may fit inside), and I need to work on the antenna and sound issues.

Basically, there must be an antenna somewhere, and the sound must come from somewhere. The best idea I have for sound output is to use SCO (users would need a bluetooth headset) since the clamshells, unlike the SL6000, have no microphone. The other alternative is to drill a hole to plug a headset, a bad idea IMHO. Using SCO will require a MCI codec.

Can I post my GSM/codec/BT datagram try here to have some feedback?

The real challenge for all these hacks are 1) stable drivers and 2) reproductibility IMHO.

For the first point, I will include drivers in the next version of the guylhem-rom, which will no longer be SL-6000 specific. Hopefully they will be worked on, after the initial proof of concept, by daily user who will notice bugs if any.

For the second point, I think we need a commercial partner. It it not cost-effective for me to do that, but I know some local business would could certainly provide such services. Please see the other post.

wow i'm very interested in this screen hack.
the two topics make this hard but there is to much info that needs to be exchanged in my opinion,

as i indicated in the other topic a am intrested in how you want to wire this up, the cxx00 series do have a microphone input and can use a 4 ring headphone jack, i dont know if you can do microphone input and stereo output (ideal solution)
I don't want to dig an additional hole in the Z. I don't want to use the existing jack since it would require additional electronics.

Having the GSM sound go into a Motorola codec that will feed it to the bluetooth chip seems like the best idea.

But maybe you could do a different design? Tell me if you want the specs of the gsm module and motorola codec.
Hell i am thinking that we shuold do an "open PDA" considering half the hacks i have seen in the last 2 - 3 weeks, it sounds like you can get things built and designed to a degree and there seems to be a couple of people with electronics in there blood as well as with degrees

there is always that manufacturing place i was talking about, only problem is that intel wont give them small quantities of parts (eg one or two) however a small order might be alright, CPU and graphics card would be $120 total in small orders have a second slot for ram so users can get as much/little as they want and swap it, pcmcia slots instead, sort of like the dream PDA we could even get the xadux, and others together to build and design

would be nice but i dont expect it to happen sad.gif

i am intrested in the specs and will give them a look over, however why not just add a bluetooth serial port and keep the thing in your pocket?

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