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Full Version: Is There A 'beginners Guide'?
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Just picked up a zaurus sl-5600 off a friend of mine.

I'd been browsing around and found out about OZ and decided to give it a go..
I've been able to installed OZ3.5.4 w/ OPIE with no problems, everything runs fine as a default install.
My main question though, is there any sort of beginners guide to using OZ or OPIE?
I've already run into a few issues with trying to install packages through the GUI Package Management software where the zaurus will simply lockup either when starting to download a package or trying to install a package. This usually results in my having to flip the switch on the back and hard reset with the button.

I've tried searching this problem down to no avail.
Also, I have a 1gb SD card and would just prefer to do all my installing/running of apps to and from the SD, but can't seem to find anything that actually explains the process. I've seen a lot of mentions about formatting the SD to ext2 filesystem, but again, can't find docs on how to actually do this..

So if anyone has any helpful advice, links to good beginner docs, tips/tricks that may help me to avoid problems.. it would be greatly appreciated. I'm definitely loving this pda and kicking myself for waiting so long before i got one.

My main question though, is there any sort of beginners guide to using OZ or OPIE?

Work in progress (well just started gathering everything together actually), here:

As you're new to this you'll be able to help us know what kinds of HowTos and FAQs are required by beginners. smile.gif

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