I'm planning to buy an Archos AV500, but I'm not sure whether this unit will be of great help to me in terms of downloading photos from my memory card (Memory Stick using Sony DSC F717 camera).
A friend of mine bought Cowon A2 and we tried downloading photos from my camera to the Cowon A2 (using USB host adapter) and it took 55 minutes to transfer photos from the camera to the Cowon A2 with the 512MB memory stick. We tried using the same USB host adapter with a memory card reader (with memory stick stucked inside) on one end and the Cowown A2 on the other end, and it didn't read properly the memory stick (I guess because memory stick has 2 layers or folders to read, and it can't read the first folder so it can't read the second layer).
He has an X-Drive data bank (with slots for different memory cards including memory stick) and it only took 17 minutes to do that job (for the same amount of data).
I'm afraid it will take the same amount of time (around 55 minutes) to do the job using Archos AV500 USB Host adapter with my camera.
Have anybody tried transferring photos using the method above with your Archos? If yes, how was it? Any quicker than what I am experiencing?
Both my Sony camera and Cowon A2 are USB 2.0 compliant.