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Full Version: Cf Modem Support In Cacko?
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I have a Pretec (HP labeled) CF modem which did not work under Cacko 1.23b1 on C3000.
Now with a C3100 and full Cacko 1.23 it doesn't seem to work either.

If I insert it, it is recognized as "serial or modem card", the network applet icon appears, but when I tap on the card eject icon, it shows the modem entry with an exclamation mark (is that normal?).

If I try to establish a connection using the network applet (with a correctly configured modem dialup setup) it says "initializing modem" and nothing else.

dmesg shows that ttyS03 is registered for the modem and directly behind that a pxa_pcmcia_suspend(0).
(is that normal?)

And is ttyS03 the same as ttyS3?

What could be the reason that it does not work?
Where to begin troubleshooting?

Thanks a lot!
I have a Ambicom modem. (EZjack CF 56k). I use Cacko 1.23 Lite on a C3100
I had problems using the network connect applet, same as what you mention.
I can get online by using Netfront. This is what I do.
I don't use the network connect applet, I just open Netfront and click a "live" bookmark.
Netfront asks if I want to connect, and I click yes or OK
This connects me. I don't know why the applet doesn't work, but Netfront does it for me.

BTW, I have Netfront set to a local file as a homepage.
This prevents Netfront from asking to connect when I use it offline.
I need to click an online website to get the connect dialog.
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