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Full Version: Custom dictionary for Zbedic.
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I think zbedic is a better program than the beiks dictionary. However, the zbedic dictionaries that I am interested in (English-French-English and Russian-English-Russia) contain only minimum entries and are not usable. I have looked for ways to create my own dictionary from the freely available dictionary files I could find online; however, I cannot figure out zbedic's format. I've found a short description of the format; however, I still can't make a dictionary. I think zbedic is based on dict format.

Could somebody help me out with a how-to or utilities to use to covert dict files into zbedic files.
go to the cvs and download the library(!)-source ("libbedic"). In this package you will find the format description (in the doc directory).
However the dictionary you create that way will have some failures, so run after your creation the tool xerox, which sourcecode you will find in the tools directory to generate a valid dictionary (from your broken one).

I've done it that way, and it works.
Zbedic is great, especialy because Justreader can use the dictionarys. :-)

have phun
Hey, guest. I've seen the description of the format that you are talking about but what I need is a more step-by-step how to. Since you have done a dictionary in the past could you spare some time and write a short how-to for us newbies.

Or, at least could you post a plain text dictionary file here so I could see the structure?

There is some kind of compression mechanism but all my attempts to decompress the dic files included with zbedic failed.

Thank you.
I cannot even get zbedic to accept the existing compressed dictionary files from The files are named something like If I rename the file to daen.dic, zbedic will recognize the file, but attempting to open it results in garbage. If I uncompress the dictioary with dictz, changing if from to daen.dic, everything works fine, but of course compression would be nice for big dictionary files. I use zbedic 0.9.1, and use the dictzip-program from

Not 100% sure here, but I don't think that zbedic is compatible with the dictzip format. I think it uses its own compression algorithm. Hence the problems you have with the dz files.

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