Because my MMCplus card is not yet supported (will be in OZ I've been told) I tried using an old 128MB SD card I used with my camera. Although problems with ext2 on SD have been reported I did mkfs.ext2 and weired things happened. (coudln't mount, partition table disappeared after removing and reinserting the card.)

Quickly decided to go back to fat (and use an ext2/cramfs/whatever image on FAT).
I used my camera to format the card, thought this to be safer then fdisk/mkdosfs. Afterwards I found a standard partition table and FAT partition, but things were still strange:
* After umount, mount *sometimes* fails (as corrupted)
* If mount didn't fail, the md5sum of files had changed.
* After removing/reinserting the card, *sometimes* no partition table was found (by neither the kernel nor fdisk)

My camera still likes the card. No failure, can read the photos from Zaurus or my USB card reader. I'm not going to use the card anymore for anything important, but I'd like to know:
* Did I 'destroy' the card by using ext2. (In that case I'd write an angry letter the manufacturer.) What I'm thinking of here is that I could have confused some proprietary 'secure' feature expecting FAT which now makes me 'pay for pirating' or whatever.
* Is the card at the end of its lifespan? (It was hardly used)
* Can I find out? Does it make sense to run badblocks or alike on a memory card or will it just cost write cycles?


In case you carre it's a "Pentacon Practica" made in Taiwan bought two years ago (new) for cheap.