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Full Version: C3100/cacko/apache/mysql No Go
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Can anyone help me with Apache/PHP not connecting to mysql? I have the following installed:
apache2-php5-mysqlclient - from feed
mysql-3.23.49-8.7 - from Z Software Index
Both are running as can be seen from the following screens:

And the right mysql login and password are passed. I had somehting very similar to this setup running on my 5500 on cacko 1.22but since I moved to my 3100 with cacko 1.23 full I can't connect to mysql fromn the webpages I made.

From the error msgs in the pics above php is not installed or not running (I don't know how to tell).

I've also tried the old apache-1.32/php package (or whatever the latest was prior to the apache2 package) and it does the samething. Maybe it's a permissions thing, but I don't know how to tell?

I'm running apache 1.3x and mysql 3.x on SHARP ROM with no problems - got many php sites up and running....

I know you are running CACKO but is there anything you need - e.g. file permissions for mysql as i set them to 777 after initial connection probs...or anything else...
ever get wordpress blog to run?
QUOTE(bam @ Apr 24 2006, 05:53 PM)
ever get wordpress blog to run?

I don't know what wordpress blog is, but I managed to get it allworking together by uninstalling all instances of apache and reinstalling apache-1.32 with php-4.x. everything works fine again so I am happy.
I got wordpress to run along with dadabik and myphpadmin, kinda cool if you ask me smile.gif
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