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Full Version: Emacs With Japanese, And Full Utf-8 Support
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I've found emacs for the Z supporting full UTF-8, even CJK characters in UTF-8 encodings properly, it also has the famous POBox input method support.

From this feed install:
and for help files

That's it. It'll read UTF-8 files in any lang including Japanese. If you have QPOBox installed, you can use it for input.

It has a console and X mode support, so you can also run it in X/Qt for a graphical mode.

And for direct POBox input in Emacs I've put together an ipk.

Install it and then add this to your ~/.emacs file:
(setq pobox-toggle-key "\C-x\C-j")
(global-set-key pobox-toggle-key 'pobox-mode)
(autoload 'pobox-mode "pobox.el")
(setq pobox-server "localhost")

You toggle POBox mode by C-x C-j

It's very fast... smile.gif

PS: By the way this wiki messes up the filenames, so after you download the file, before installing it, rename it to pobox-el_1.7_arm.ipk
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