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Full Version: Cheap 140x 4gb Cf Card On Newegg - Works Great!
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Found this today when I was searching for some other stuff on Newegg:

At just over $100, I had to try it. I've got a 3000, and the lag on my appointment book and contacts is really annoying. Gonna swap it out and report back.

The specs say it's about twice as fast as the Sandisk Ultra II card, but we'll see about that...
Damn wanted to order but already out of stock sad.gif
Did you receive?
How good is it?
Just got it today. Seems to run Ok, but I don't have a USB 2.0 card reader to really try it out. I'm going to try an install it tomorrow; I've got to read through all the instructions on how to copy the partitions. I'm fine with hardware; I have no qualms about cracking my Z to throw it in. But I'm a linux newbie, so I want to make sure I don't have to crack it open too many times wink.gif
Ok, got it installed. My boot went from 118 seconds to 82 seconds, a 36 second savings.

The dictionary now loads up pretty much instantly, but I didn't get as much of a boost to KO/PI. It's faster, I guess (I didn't run a lot of benchmarks), but it isn't "instant". I guess that has more to do with the processor than the access time.

Still, it moves a bit better, and I plan to enjoy better battery life, at any rate.

Anyone want to buy a slightly used 4 GB Hitachi?
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