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Full Version: Non-Hancom word processor for Sharp-compatible ROMs?
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Does anyone know of a decent word processor that runs on the Zaurus? Hancom Word sucks rocks...badly. No spellcheck. No styles. Can't choose in which directory to load/save. Saving and reloading in MS Word format loses formatting. The other "rich" (non-plaintext) format is the proprietary Hancom format which is incompatible with any desktop word processor except Hancom Word. And so on.

I've seen that Abiword has been ported to the pdaX ROM (previously known as Cacko X ROM) but I'm not ready to go THAT far. So, any ideas?
ive been having the same problem, im still hoping someone will port abiword over to xqt so it will run, i have tried but so far been unsucessful, maybe someone with some technical expertise could manage it?

Should be doable, gimp, sylpheed and xmms run well, abiword would be one of the killer apps that would allow me to ditch my laptop
I found HancomWord 1.5.0 in the ZUG Downloads section (my C760 was running 1.0.0) and it's a BIT better. At least you can load/save files in any directory. Still, a real WP would be nice.
What's wrong with vi?
Actually, I woudn't mine seeing gvim ported to qt.
Oh, if only someone would port LaTeX and LyX to the Zaurus...

(Homer Simpson voice) "Mmm, proper document preparation system... drool..." smile.gif
A quick google for LaTeX turns up at least two installations for the Zaurus:

There is a QT LyX too, so it might be fairly easy to port that to the Zaurus.

As for a full Word Processor, there may be a commercial app coming from Softmaker. They already have Linux, Windows CE and Pocket PC ports:

They ran a poll to see what people would like to see Textmaker ported to next and the Zaurus came in second (can't remember what was first). I think the Linux port at least has been written with QT too. Don't hold your breath though and it would probably be fairly expensive too.
tumnus: Thanks for the head-up on LaTeX for the Zaurus. I think I assumed no-one had attempted a port before, as I haven't seen LaTeX on the ZSI, etc. (Why do I forget to Google for these things smile.gif )

The second of the two links looks the most promising, though both appear to be experimental and the "" port weighs in at about 9Mb (I suspected size might be a barrier to porting LaTeX to the Z).

One to watch, anyway - thanks again.

Just FYI, I bought a wonderful PDA wordprocessor for the PocketPC some time back, and noticed that the company that made it had also made it available on a variety of other platforms, including Linux. I started a thread on their website to try to interest them into porting it to the Z.
The software is called Textmaker, and it is amazing what they crammed into the PDA formfactor (going from what I have on the PocketPC).
The site is at (click on the english link at the top) and they have a spreadsheet in beta called Planmaker (which is also pretty amazing). Both pieces of software would be incredible on the Z methinks.
Here's the forum topic I started over there:

These guys are pretty pro Linux, so I think it comes down to economics - if we can convince them there's enough people out here that want it, they might do it.

YZ. I tried textmaker on Suse 9 linux both kde and gnome on several computers. For whatever reason the spellcheck is very slow at looking up alternative spellings. A rule out if you are a terrible speller like me. Dictionary set to english but if anyone knows a way around this problem i'd love to try textmaker again. Agree that it would be great on the zaurus. One of the reviews called it the opera browser of word processors. High praise.
spaul, you might want to post up your issue on the forum at Softmaker's website ( in the support section. I think there was also a newer version released a short while ago.

The performance of Textmaker is incredible on my PocketPC, given that it's a MIPS PocketPC running at only 180mhz (overclocked!).

I'm having massive issues with the slowness of Hancom Office on my 400mhz Xscale!!! Has anyone noticed how slow Hancom is when you start getting into the 4-5k or higher area. I like to write short essays/stories on my Z and it's a literal pain in the a$$ waiting for the cursor to catch up, waiting for words to finish typing (letters appearing at a rate of about 1-2char/s!!), and getting screwed by buffered keystrokes (a backspace will get buffered because of the slowness of action, and end up erasing lots of characters). I end up having to count how many characters I want to backspace and then tapping out that many characters, it's THAT bad!

I've tried a handful of text editors, but the one's I've tried dont allow essential word processor things like font, zoom, justify, execute from CLI, etc. ARGH! I'm dying here...

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