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Full Version: Fbreader For Openzaurus/gpe
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new version (0.7.3c) of FBReader is ported to GPE.

Now this e-book reader works on all popular zaurus ROMs: Sharp based (e.g., Cacko), OpenZaurus with Opie and GPE interfaces, pdaXrom.

For more details (and for downloading binary packages or sources), please visit FBReader homepage.

-- geometer
Hrw - FBReader 0.7.3b for OZ/GPE officially released smile.gif

I'll update to 0.7.3c
QUOTE(Hrw @ Apr 28 2006, 04:28 PM) - FBReader 0.7.3b for OZ/GPE officially released smile.gif


Thank you, it's news to me. rolleyes.gif

May be, it's more convenient to use target "openzaurus/gpe" instead of "desktop/gtk" in version 0.7.3c. Some parameters in this version are optimized for gpe devices. (Especially, speed of scrolling in rotated mode, and toolbar size.)

Moreover, it is possible to build different packages for devices with different screen resolutions. Differences between my packages for 640x480 and 240x320 resolutions are icon sizes and default values for some parameters (such as font size).

-- geometer
JohnX maintain FBReader in OE so I will leave it for him.

From my look at source you hardcode many build params already. Can some of them be passed to make during compilation? Things like CC, LD, INCDIR, LIBDIR...

Generally we (OE team) prefer to avoid machine dependent packages as much as possible - one package for qvga/vga/svga/xga etc devices if possible.
Just thought I'd pop in here and say that I am working on getting 0.7.3c into OE (and thus OZ and other distros built from OE). I won't give any estimates on how long it will take since I'm fairly busy right now. Also I'm basicly starting over from scratch since I made the original package before I knew how to properly package something for OE. With any luck I'll even figure out a sane way to match icon sizes to screen sizes in a way that makes the OE devs happy.

Also, I should take this chance to give a huge "Thank you!" to geometer for making such a great program. FBReader was the first package I made for OE because it was the only thing I couldn't live without on OZ/GPE. cool.gif
JohnX: was my attempt - maybe this will help you a bit.
QUOTE(Hrw @ Apr 30 2006, 12:48 PM)
JohnX: was my attempt - maybe this will help you a bit.
* is florians attempt smile.gif
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