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Full Version: Newbie Questions
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Hey all,

I was glad to find there is a forum for the Archos 500 model I got(30BG), seems like a great place to get info about it.
Couple of stupid questions because I just got mine in the mail today vie Fedex. smile.gif

1) The store that I bought it from basically did nothing special to protect it during shipping.. all they did was put the factory Archos box in a larger box with a piece of scrunched paper in it.. and mailed it that way(kinda stupid if you ask me). I am wondering if there is any need to worry about internal damage from shipping or is the factory packaging enough support for the mail?

2) Also, the Archos came with the battery pretty much fully charged(slow steady blinking) and the Firmware 1.3.12 on it. Is this normal..
Also, is there any reason to let it charge for several hours before using it since it(too late for that, lol) already has a full charge?

One last thing....
3) I noticed the buttons on the directional pad are not real secure feeling but I think that is normal from other posts I have read. Does anyone have a problem with the buttons not responding? Mine responds just fine but I have to push the left directional button a little bit more firmly then the right directional for some reason. Is this normal?

Thanks for any info!

My battery came like that too and with that version of firmware.

About the buttons you might want to be careful. After only one day with mine the buttons failed, but i was able to get it exchanged for no cost.
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