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Full Version: N00b Needing Help!
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Hello, I have recently bought a Sharp Zaurus SL-C700, I am running pdaXrom along with a handful of my favourite linux applications. I bought the device with a wifi CF card and a 128mb SD card... its just not enough.

I need to know details of an online vendor/store where I can buy the following;

* Extended battery + large cover for sl-c700 ( ?)
* CompactFlash bluetooth card (must be supported by pdaXrom and bluez)
* 2gb SD memory card (supported by pdaXrom and the SL-C700?)
* CompactFlash ethernet card
* CompactFlash 56k modem

any help you can provide me on this would be appreciated =)
You might want to say what country you are in.
Im in england.
Doesn't matter what country you're in, eBay.

still dont know *which* cards / memory to buy ? I want to buy ones that will definately work as I am reading that perhaps only upto 1gb SD card will work and some bluetooth/ethernet cards do not work...
QUOTE(Mjolinor @ Apr 29 2006, 04:43 PM)
Doesn't matter what country you're in, eBay.


oh it does matter! Many US sellers will *not* sell to you if you do not have a confirmed address... well, I'm equally guilty when I was in the states! tongue.gif ... but now that I moved onto to Asia, I'm feeling the brunt of it myself! sad.gif
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