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Full Version: Some Sample Project Pyqt/mysql?
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I was wondering if someone could post any sample project using pyqt and mysql for a zaurus.
I am using the python image python24.ex2 mounted in my SD card
Which QT widgets are not included in the pyqt port?
What is the best way to program navigation with multiple forms?
How to populate widgets with data from mysql and how to store data?

Well, basic questions but I think I could find it all just by looking some well written project

Thanks in advance
Hi netog,

While I really haven't used PyQT/Python with MySQL in any of my little projects,
as I understand, you will be using PyQT more for creating the widgets and Screens, butt the real interaction with MySQL and creating and executing queries will be essentially a Python-MySQL communication.

So maybe you should google Python and Mysql for more info.

Examlple :
This link does show a lot of the methods to use the Python DB-API to interact with MySQL. Hope that helps.

Ther are a lot of qidgets which are not included in PyQT - notable being the Splitter widget. I think there was a list somewhere which had a comprehensive list - most probebly from Trolltech itself.
(oh, but maybe that was for widgets in QT, but not in Qtopia (the Zaurus package of QT)).
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