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Full Version: Motorola A780 Or A1200/ming
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I am looking at getting myself a new cell phone and want to go back to using a pda/cellphone or a smart phone. For several years I had a visor phone followed by a treo 180. Then for the last year I have been using a motorola v551. I miss the pda features of my palms and the fact that I only carried one device on me. Alright enough about me and my past few years of cell phones.

I know that several people on here have the motorola a780 and I am guessing there are a few that might have the a1200 or what is also known as the MING. I am trying to decided between the two phone. The main things I want to do with the phone is make and recieve calls, take quick notes and I want it to be able to sync with my calender, todo, and contact information with Exchange 2003.

Can anyone let me know what they have found that is good or bad about either phone. I want to know about any complants or things that people find make either of these phones worth owning.

Also how hard will it be to get it so that I can build new packages for the a780 or a1200/MING in OpenEmbedded?

Any help would be great.
Well I am now the owner of a black motorola Ming a1200. So far inthe last 36 hours since I recieved it I have fallen in love with it. It is smaller then my treo 180(basically smaller then my v551), but it has more functions then my treo every did.

I still have not synced it with my mac, or even found a way to sync it with my mac at this point. I have checked 2 of my email account through it and even replyed to messaged(it will be nice to have all my mail boxes in the palm of my hand).

I still need to look into what other programs are avalible and also what openezx can do for me if anything.
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