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Full Version: Trouble With Slc1000 As Mounted Usb Device
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Hi folks,

Recently I tried to mount the Z's SD card portion of it's storage as a disk on my PowerBook's Desktop. I am running OS 10.4.x. When I set up the Z (under Cacko) and hook it up using the appropriate cable I get visual feedback on the Z's screen that communication is in progress, but on the Mac end of things all Hell breaks loose.

After a lot of spinning beachball time, I end up with at least a dozen mounted HD's representing my Z....And it does not stop. It keeps mounting volume after volume. I can eventually horn in and open one of the disk and slowly copy everything at USB 1.1. Then I have to either restart, or try to unmount all of these rogue volumes.

So, what am I doing wrong, or is this something unique to Macs, or Cacko?

Scott Strungis
It's a problem with the Macs. It happens with the Sharp ROM too. My experience (with OS 10.2) is that it stops mounting after a dozen copies. Once you are done copying what you want (using one of the mounted volumes) just remove the USB cable from the Mac. It will complain but nothing bad happens as long as you wait for the transfer to complete.

There is a special mac driver used for ZMacSync that deals with this, as I recall, but I'm not thrilled about the idea of screwing with the OS for things like this. The best solution for transferring files might just be a card reader (or something like FTP over wi-fi or bluetooth).
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