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Full Version: How Do I Clone The Internal Drive To A Cf Card?
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Hi all. I got that new CF card in, but as I said, I'm a total noob at linux sad.gif

I'm trying to get the CF card partitioned so I can dd my microdrive to my CF before I do the surgery on my Z. I don't have a desktop linux box to help with this.

I can get it partitioned, but the sizes are wrong. I noticed that the Z's MD has 63 sectors per track, and my CF has 32 sectors/track.

Is there anyway to change this? Does it matter? Can I leave it at 32 and just set the partition to be approximately the same size?
Ok, looks like I got it figured out. The following code made a perfect mirror onto a 4 GB Compact flash drive:

First, insert the 4 GB CF card you want to use as a new internal drive.
Then, unmount it:

umount /dev/hdc

Then, use the following command to copy the internal drive to your CF card:

dd if=/dev/hda of=/dev/hdc

It took 2-3 hours, but it worked perfectly. Make sure you have your Z plugged in to AC power and make sure to turn auto-suspend off in the system settings. Having the screen saver turned on caused no problems.
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