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Full Version: Wifi Problem
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I have been using the MA701 for almost a year without major problems until a month ago. I can connect but then after a few minutes there will be no connection even when the signal strength is quite high. E.g., clinking an URI in opera will not connect but yield a TCP error. I can sometimes disconnect and reconnect to get another couple minutes of connection, but sometimes no connection at all. It is not the AP because other users connect fine. The puzzling fact is that I can fire up Wellenreiter with an Ad hoc connection and capture all the APs available for as long as I want. That would seem to say it is not a hardware problem.

I have reverted the machine back to Factory Default and still got the same problem. Any pointers or suggestions for troubleshooting will be much appreciated.
Just a thought but do you have access to another CF WiFi card?
I had that WiFi card a while ago and it had the same symptoms that you discribed, it eventually stopped being recognized and didn't work at all. You might want to start looking on eBay for a new one sad.gif
the netgear ma701 are known to break like that. I had two and they both died
I wish I had another wifi card to try, but I don't. I am waiting for a cf-pcmcia adapter so I can try to see how the MA701 will work on my laptop. All signs point to a hardware failure of the MA701 but the wellenreiter bit just totally threw me off. Back to the books to read up about linux wlan ... Thanks all for the input.
I had problems with it with the sharp firmware' but have moved on and had no prob scince, what i have found is i used to get a tcp error if the connection droped at all, if i broght it back up the program would still spit out tcp connect errors till i restarted the program

i had a M701 die on me but thats because of a short circuit with a mod i did
Netgear replaced the MA701 under warranty and now my Z connects just fine laugh.gif . Still have not figured out why the old 'defective' one can still work in Ad hoc but while managed mode failed. I'll see how long this one will last.
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