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Full Version: Is It Possible To Set Up Zgcc On Sharp Rom 313?
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i read through and tried to follow the methods to my best ability of this page:

i can get mnt/card/.zgcc and mnt/card/.include mounted
by dropping into root using "su" an doing:
mknod /dev/loop[n] b 7 [n]

then come back to user "zaurus" an run the script ""
mount -t cramfs /mnt/card/zgcc2Bin.cramfs /mnt/card/.zgcc -o loop
mount -t cramfs /mnt/card/zgcc2Inc.cramfs /mnt/card/.include -o loop

some reason, i cant get them to fully link or get $PATH to look in them, when i run
export GCC_EXEC_PREFIX=/mnt/card/.zgcc/lib/gcc-lib/arm-linux/2.95.2/
export COMPILER_PATH=/mnt/card/.zgcc/bin:/mnt/card/.zgcc/lib/gcc-lib/arm-linux/2.95.2/
export CPATH=/mnt/card/.include/
export LIBRARY_PATH=/mnt/card/.zgcc/lib/:/mnt/card/.zgcc/lib/gcc-lib/arm-linux/2.95.2/:/lib/:/home/QtPalmtop/lib/
export CPLUS_INCLUDE_PATH=/mnt/card/.include/g++-3/
export PATH
ln -sf /lib/ /usr/lib/
ln -sf /lib/ /usr/lib/
ln -sf /mnt/card/.zgcc/bin/ /home/QtPalmtop/lib/

it doesnt show any errors when i run this,
but then it doesnt seem to be looking for anything its suppose to be??? rolleyes.gif

the strange thing is, that while in 1 Konsole tab where an when i run the scripts, i somehow got it before to see gcc from doing "which gcc"
cant remember how i did it, tho it brung up the proper location of gcc
(And only gcc tongue.gif )

if i start another tab in Konsole, an do "which gcc" it wont find it at all.
very peculiar!!?!?

i would like to do all this in one sweep from running 1 shell script, or most preferable have it set itself up at boottime. (aiming for that one, but will be happy with the other.)

so im unsure which file i need to be modifying, making or where it would go.
Could i alleviate all this by putting a script of sorts in "/home/zaurus"? or maybe even somewhere else that is rw? maybe like /usr? i would like it to be seperate from important files, but it doesnt have to be.

for over a month now laugh.gif ive been trying to figure out how to compile this package:

i do imagine some of you reading this, may have seen my post at the bottom in the thread about permissions. no one was answering so i figured i should restructure an make my own thread. i did search too, but i cant figure out what the true problem is!

it seems to me that $path $Path and $PATH are all different things, an now ive gone crosseyed.

thanks for you time.
I would suggest to use option 2 mentioned under

It works very smoothly for me. Whenever I want to use gcc, I just type "source". (Please note that you need around 30 MB space for one-time installation of gcc files on CF or SD for this option)

I type "which gcc" to check whether it is configured correctly.

You may wish to type "env" to check whether the paths are configured correctly.

I hope the above will help.
thanks for your advice i followed it an it wasnt zgcc that was giving my problems with compiling, i actually did have it running properly i guess, i got the same errors from following your advice so i figure it is more related to something i need other than what i have. oh well no big deal. if i was meant to be a 3d graphics ruby programmer, i would have figured this out.

the whole Path PATH path thing absolutely confuses me! i should stick with ruby in 2d. tongue.gif maybe one of these days there will be a binary of that opengl lib. then the crazy,wireless,3d,qtruby,OSC controller. but for now its only the crazy,wireless,qtruby,OSC controller.
probably going to be named "zOSCR├╝by" pronounced zee-oscar-ooby.
(still need to finish how its going to work, an if it should have a pattern sequencer) great thing about this is, since hardly anyone knows what OSC is, whenever i finally get it to the point its working good, everyone will still be amazed! AND the big corporate audio software goons will have adapted. so it will seem new! biggrin.gif
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