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Full Version: Visiscript 0.4.3
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The new version Visiscript 0.4.3 works smoothly on my SL-5600.

Can someone shed some lights how to configure it to run various scripting langugaes, like python or other programming languages?
Got the solution for python programming.

It presumed that python compiler is properly installed.

Click View, select Configuration.

Click Script tab, the preprogrammed "Miniscript" is in the Command field. Press and hold the button labelled "Miniscript", a list of pretyped scirpting and programming languages are available. Select "python ".

Close the Configuration windows.

Create your python code, eg in a tab window, press the Run button. It should be running.

freizugheit: thx for info about 0.4.3 release - updated Visiscript in OpenEmbedded and OpenZaurus 3.5.4
Hi all.
It's possible run a java program?

QUOTE(Darth_Sith @ Jun 6 2006, 12:23 AM)
Hi all.
It's possible run a java program?




Installation of JDK 1.1.8 from Sun and to be stored under /mnt/cf/java/classes
Installation of Jikes Java Compiler and to be stored under /mnt/cf/java

Installation of Ewe Java Virtual Machine for Zaurus

Unzip and move the whole classes directory to /mnt/cf/java

Steps for compilation and actvattion of java code using supplied by Ewe SDK as example:

- Use Visiscript to open /mnt/cf/java/classes/tests/ You may wish to modify the java code.

- Create the following script file and save it under /mnt/cf/java using Visiscript (one-time creation):

cd /mnt/cf/java/classes
rm $1.classs
echo "Compiling"
jikes -classpath $ &> Aerr
echo "Displaying Errors"
cat Aerr |more
echo "Activating"
ewe $1

- In Visiscript's Main Window, click View Menu and select Configuration.
- Select the Script tab
- Type "/mnt/cf/java/ tests/HelloWorld" into the field next to the Command label.
- Click OK to return to Visiscript's Main Window where text files were created.

- Press the Play button to activate the command line you have just entered.
- The script file will be executed.
- Your java code will be compiled by Jikes and activated using Ewe VM.

Has anyone successfully configured VisiScript to run Zgcc?

Please enlighten!!!!
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