Hi there!

I don't have my clockapplet in the taskbar anymore, after I installed the qpealarmclock (which didn't harm the applet in OZ 3.2, now I have 3.3.6pre1). All the libclockapplet* point to /mnt/ ram/opt/QtPalmtop/plugins/applets/libclockapplet.so.1.0.0, which exists and belongs to the package of qpealarmclock. Now, I have the qpealarmclock running with the compat libs (works), but I guess that's the problem with the libclockapplet, right? So, is there any way to get the old one back, but keep the package qpealarmclock installed? Do I just take the opie-clock (or whatever) package, extract libclockapplet.so.1 and put it in the right place? Thanks for any help