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Full Version: Need help on understanding compatibility???
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ok my girlfriend just bought a sl5500 from a friend and i'm trying to figure everything out without a manual, can i beam her stuff from my palm 515 or can some of my apps go on her zaurus? Same ? for pocket pc are they compatible? Or does linux only take a certain file type? i noticed ipck or something like that?

The first thing I did when I bought my 5500 was beam my contact list from myPalm pilot over to my Zaurus. It worked like a charm. You can beam just about anything back and forth. The Zaurus apps won't run on the Palm and vice versa.
ipk are the zaurus's applications packaged up. You will find alot of them here

download them to PC. Transfer them onto a CF (use a card reader or ftp upto the zaurus) and use the install program under the system tab.

BTW what ROM are you using? You can find that under the system tab with the info app or when you do a reboot.
I forgot to say you can put the ipks onto SD.

When you install them it will ask whether you want to install to ram, sd, or cf. I recommend you buy an SD (128MB does me fine) and install as many of your apps onto SD (you will need to keep it in the zaurus at all times). The onboard ram fills up quickly. if you install into ram it will run quicker, but alot of people find SD installed programs to be quick enough.
I just want to quickly comment, I recently upgraded to a Zaurus from a Agenda VR3. It was a little pda that ran a slightly different Linux environment and it beamed my contacts over just fine.
You can beam just about anything back and forth.

I've been able to beam a single contact from mySL5500, but I haven't found a way to beam other files or a group of contacts from the SL5500. I'm using the Sharp 3.10 ROM. Do I need to add another application or is this feature a built in?
I don't know of a way to beam multiple files.. which sucks, but you can beam any file from the 'documents/files' tab by right clicking on the file and selecing 'Send by Beam'.

Make sure you have beam/IR already turned on...

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