When running evm, you can pass the name of the java application to evm and it will then be part of the task switch chain and use the desktop icon specified by the name passed. How is that implemented? It seems that Qtopia usually takes the name of the executing process and matches it to the value of the Exec variable in the desktop file to determine what icon to display for it.
In the case for the java application, the value of the Exec variable is a batch script that calls evm and passes it the name of the desktop file and then the task switch will recognise that the evm process is associated with the named desktop file and is able to be task switched and displays the icon defined in that desktop file.
I want to implement something similar and write a launcher app that can associate a desktop file to a spawned executable such as qshdlg, opie-sh so that these apps won't get lost when switching tasks, but also to give them an icon on the taskbar.
Any pointers on how I can implement that or which links to relevant API documentation? I have looked through the Trolltech docs but didn't really find anything except sample code for writing taskbar applets which isn't what I want to do unless I am missing something there. I am currently looking at Takahiro's taskswitcher to see if I can perhaps adapt it.