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Full Version: French accents
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I've got a Japanese C760. Is there a way to get french accents in netfront?
I'm interested in that question too ...

But more precisely, is there a way :

1) to convert the keyboard in AZERTY, as for french keyboards, and then have the more usual accented characters directly accessible on the keyboard,

2) to display correctly these accents in the softwares (have a "réunion", not stupidly a "reunion" (= a "meeting", for the ignorants))

Thank's for any help.

I've got a Japanese C760. Is there a way to get french accents in netfront?

you guys might be interrested with this post :

but if you don't use pdaxrom, i am not sure it can be used with another rom...
I've got a Japanese C760. Is there a way to get french accents in netfront?

Meee, ahm lukin for ze Swedish Chef option. Bork, bork, bork.

Sorry, couldn't pass it up smile.gif

Keyhelper can do all that. but you will need the fonts for the accented characters.

Here is my introduction to Keyhelper. If you do a search for keyhelper you may find other examples for what you want to do.

Whaooouuuuhhh !!!

This "KeyHelper" utility seems excessively interesting !!! I find with it not only a keyboard remapping tool but also a fast lauch utility which remind me "Macro 5" famous in the (former) Psion 5 community !!!

On the second hand, I'm not extremely aware about fonts in Linux. Is it possible to some of you - geniusses in herb - to give some (understandable) explanation about them ?
Traditional questions : Where, What, Why, How, and as far as possible, let's try to avoid "How much" ...

Thank's !!!

Yep, KeyHelper rocks, you can quick launch apps from key combos or from a customizeable menu system - which can have submenus etc. Really usefull tool - still learning all the ins and outs - will put up an advanced Keyhelper howto soonish.

Fonts on Linux work the same as fonts on Windoze and Mac. A given font may only contain a subset of all available glyphs (character images) to save space the fonts on the standard Sharp rom have had most of the accented characters removed as the Japanese don't use them much and it takes a lot of space to store all the Japanese Kanji. If the accented characters you want are not available then you will need to get the European version of the helevetica fonts - although they can't be used to display Japanese anymore.

Depending on your needs you may be best served by flashing the Cacko rom that has support for European languages (not sure which ones - maybe someone else can help)

Eh oui, pour les French guys, la solution est là (pour Qtopia) :

C'est pas bô, l'exception culturelle... french accents smile.gif
PS: avec au passage, un clavier virtuel avec accents.
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