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Full Version: Tcp Error In Netfront [fixed]
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What causes "TCP write Error" in Netfront?
I got my bluetooth PAN connection working now using Cacko's network app.
I can ping google,
26 packets sent, 26 packets recieved, 0% packet loss
I also get full activity on my modem lights in my Windows tray when pinging google.
But when I open Netfront and try to browse to google, I get TCP Write error
Mentioned in this post.

Thank you,
I'm almost there...
I finally got the error in Netfront fixed. smile.gif
from another bluetooth post:
in resolv.conf
# Domain name searches will fail until you point this to a real DNS server.
# (make sure that the IP addresses are in fact your provider DNS servers)
I had to go to my provider's page to get the correct numbers.
My dialup has automatic settings, so all these change on every connect except DNS, which aren't visible in windows.
(And I wasn't sure if DNS changed or not).
I'm a happy camper now. smile.gif
I'm not really versed on networking like most people here are.
Now, if I can only get BT File transfer, (both ways), working.

smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif

Sorry if I've been posting too much about bluetooth, but it took me 2 weeks to get this far.
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