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Full Version: Anyone Retire Their 5500 For A Server Service?
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I'm looking to upgrade my best pal for a 3000 however didn't want the 5500 just sitting in a drawer. Has anyone setup a service with their Z? With the small footprint decent processing power I would imagine setting up something like an access point, DHCP server, router, or maybe even running something powerful like a VoIP asterisk service. Just want to get ideas from people. cool.gif
I have my old 5000D (32MB of RAM vs. 64MB of 5500) working as an arm build host with the old gcc 2.x toolchain. With just 32MB of RAM most of the C++ is out of question, but it works fine for plain C language projects, even for very large ones (it NFS-mounts some of its filesystems).
Actually, integer-ariphmetics- wise it beats my old Sun SS20, even when SS20 is upgraded to ROSS HyperSPARC 150MHz CPU.
webserver should be easy. There are a couple of lite webservers if apache is too heavy. People have made mail servers out their Zs. I've also used my 760 as an ntpd server for the home network, but I've only seen the package for pdaxrom. It could be an ssh server gateway to your home network. Would be nice if we could do wake up on lan to other computers.

The biggest advantage to using a Z as a server is that it has a very small power footprint.
Sweeet.... The ssh server would be awesome.
My highly stable and very slow 5600 is a webserver to itself. Just for the sake of the geekpoints I score from being able to say I host a website from my pocket.

Hey wait!!!!!!!

Are there any PalmOS Webservers?

|Cough| Watch |Cough|
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