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Full Version: Build Fails With Hostap-conf Dependencies Error
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I have spent the past 4 days setting up OE/Bitbake on my laptop. I have compiled and built my own monotone_0.25-1 deb to make this work properly on my 56K dial-up connection. This is so sad it's funny... I have networked 56K. It is very slow, but I have it working properly now. I have tested it out with bitbaking a (working) nano and a zuc ipk.

Now that I know this works with dial-up (if I don't need the phone line, or die of old age), I though I would make a bigger test. So I did a monotone pull (org.openembedded.oz354x)and update very early today, and then did a bitbake bootstrape-image for a collie. Everthing seemed to be working... and many, many hours later it failed with this error:
| linux-hotplug: unsatisfied recommendation for pciutils
| linux-hotplug: unsatisfied recommendation for usbutils
| altboot: unsatisfied recommendation for dosfstools
| Nothing to be done
| An error ocurred, return value: 1.
| Collected errors:
| ERROR: Cannot satisfy the following dependencies for task-bootstrap:
|        hostap-conf
NOTE: Task failed: /stuff/build/tmp/work/bootstrap-image-1.0-r1/temp/log.do_rootfs.30396
NOTE: package bootstrap-image-1.0-r1: task do_rootfs: failed
ERROR: TaskFailed event exception, aborting
NOTE: package bootstrap-image-1.0: failed
ERROR: Build of bootstrap-image failed
A search on bugzilla found this:
It's still open.
Edit: bug#942 is resolved

And this:
Where RP makes a comment that 'could' be related? I'm not sure?

What can I do to fix this hostap-conf dependencies error so I can finish this build?

For the record I have used 3.2GB of disk space for everything. With the exception of my slow connection... OE/Bitbake works 'very' fast as compared to one year ago. I should add that I have checked and there are 6 kernels and 1270 ipks in my /build/tmp for this build alone.

Thanks to everyone involved in making this work so well... and so easy to use.

Hrw has resolved bug #942, so this is working now with OE metadata from 5-21-06.


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