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Full Version: cannot get rid of huge core dump!
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I have installed OZ 3.2 and been enjoying it until I installed the wrong version (I presume) of Jeode to "/dev/root". Now I have a 41 MB core dump in /proc/kcore. At least I think that is what is taking up all of my root partition. I have tried rm -f /proc/kcore, but it says "operation not permitted". How do I get rid of this file?
/proc/kcore is not the file that is taking up the space. /proc/kcore is a _virtual_ file that takes no space on your physical filesystem. It is a representation of the physical RAM in your computer (possibly used for debugging purposes -- this is out of my realm of knowledge). It is the same size as the physical ram detected by your kernel. All Linux systems will have this file present. If you have 512 Megs of RAM, then this file will also be 512 Megs in size; the same is true for the Zaurus. Therefore, some other file(s) is(are) taking up the space.
If you want to find out what is taking up the space, then cd to /, and run du -ks *
This will show disk usage for each directory. Then look for the biggest one, cd to that, and run the same command until you walk the directory tree down to the culprit. (Of course, exclude virtual filesystems such as proc).
I knew there was such a command, but could not remember what it was. Thanks very much!!
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