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Full Version: Need A Case For My Akita Clamshell.
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Anyone have any good ideas for this? I want to be able to take my Akita running. Ideally it would even be something like one of those iPod arm-strap cases that you can affix to your upper arm. The C1000 is really not much heavier than an iPod, so it could totally work.
and I STILL say the Otterbox Armor 2600.

Hasn't let me down yet!

EDIT: It's a bit beefy, but you could probably strap it to your arm if you know some one who'se good at Sewing. It want's sor tof a H arrangement, to go through the vertical ends, then wrap round.
brashley46 This softcase works well enough strapped to my fannypack while on the bicycle. And I have a pretty bumpy commute on Central Toronto sidestreets! The belt-strap is sewn to the top, and fastens to the bottom with a heavy-duty snap fastener surrounded by Velcro. There's a skinny shoulder-strap for backup, and a guarded hook thingie for even more backup. My C860 has lots of room in it, a C1000 would probably fill it a tad more snugly.
Looking for camera cases and Nintendo cases is a great idea. Thanks! smile.gif
the nintendo ds case is brilliant, fits just right, and my phone fits on top. My kid calls it a man-purse, he thinks he's being funny...
I don't really wanmt anything fancy. Neoprene would be fine. It just needs to have room for my CF wireless card and the Z itself.
QUOTE(starkruzr @ May 24 2006, 04:06 PM)
I don't really wanmt anything fancy.  Neoprene would be fine.  It just needs to have room for my CF wireless card and the Z itself.

The EC GO ought to work then. As I said, it does the job for me.
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