I just want to inform you that http://test.opensimpad.org is now online.
It's in an early state cause I have examinations next week but after them I will spend much more time on the site.
Here I or we will do all the work before it will go to opensimpad.org.

Feel free to add your knowledge!

All articles you'll add will be added to opensimpad.org as son as the test page is filled enough and the style is changed.
On http://test.opensimpad.org/index.php/MediaWiki:Sidebar you can change the navigation.
Please add all information you have. If you need a new fileextention or anything else just write it on the to do list which you can find on the mainpage.
A guide how to style text in a mediawiki can be found under the help section. But I will style it for you if you have any problems don't care about it.

Add also Information which you think it isn't legal BUT PLEASE MARK IT so I can ask the rights owner before opensimpad.org lunch.

I also thought about a multilingual version. But first I will concentrate on the english version.