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Full Version: Defrag /hdd3 Advisable Thru Usb?
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I had some probs with lost clusters on my FAT formatted /hdd3 and repaired them using fsck.vfat.
I decided to try Diskeeper 7.0 on Windows to defrag my /hdd3 thru USB. (This was mentioned in another post).
Is this advisable? This is the first I've used Diskeeper on my /hdd3

What is the Linux counterpart to Defrag for a FAT partition?
I would rather use a Linux tool, instead of hooking my Z up to Windows to defrag the drive.
Below are before and after screenshots of Diskeeper.
This took about 1 hour.
It should be fine. Just takes longer. And don't unplug it while you are defragging.
QUOTE(xamindar @ Jun 2 2006, 12:44 PM)
It should be fine.  Just takes longer.  And don't unplug it while you are defragging.

Thank you for your reply.
What is the Linux equivelent for defrag?
How do people defrag a FAT partition on Linux, without access to a Windows box?

Yes, I know defrag shouldn't be interrupted. I would not unplug the USB cable while defragging over USB smile.gif
Linux doesn't need defrag. So there aren't really any usefull ones out there. The best way to defrag a fat partition is to just use windows defrag.
Sy Ali
Linux doesn't lead defrag for most Linux-native partitions (notibly ext2 and ext3).

However, FAT is FAT.. even when run under Linux it could benefit from defragging couldn't it?

I don't know of any tools offhand. I stopped using FAT up until last week when I got a C1000. =/
QUOTE(Sy Ali @ Jun 18 2006, 11:48 AM)
However, FAT is FAT.. even when run under Linux it could benefit from defragging couldn't it?

Correct. And the only reason someone would still use FAT is if they have a Windows operating system that needs it. In that case they can just use windows defrag to defrag it. cool.gif
on linux, simply back everything up, erase, restore.. the only time I use fat is for inter-changing files between windows and linux.

there are utilities for windows to read/write ext2 partitions.
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