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Full Version: Error On Transferring Video Files
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Just joined today and read through some posts. Hoping you can help me with probably a simple issue. Just got my Archos yesterday and have only spent 3-4 hours with it, but can't get a single video file to work. I am prepared to get this going tonight! I have tried Mobile Clone DVD software which specifically calls out the Archos AV500. Also tried the software that came with the unit - Virtualdub and MPG4 Translator. I get the same error message when trying to transfer the file - 'The file is not supported on this device - try using...'
Is this a simple settings issue perhaps? Has anyone ran into this?

Also, for the life of me I can't figure out how to get shuffle play to work for audio.

Thanks in advance,

Got it working just fine. I rip the my DVD using MobileClone DVD, but then have to open the .avi using Windows Media Player, save it to my library, and then sync it to the AV500. I haven't been able to preserve any menus though. I am thinking this is not possible, but if wrong please let me know.

Also figured out the shuffle after some digging.

I have to say that for a reasonable techy guy this device takes some time to figure out!

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