Hi there,

I have the following problem, I was wondering if anyone can help !

I have a WP50 and a few weeks ago I networked it to a friend's desktop with ActiveSync. I installed an e-reader software and transfered a few files.

At some point, I left the simpad unplugged and switched off for a week, so the battery run out, and the new software/files in memory were deleted.

Now I try to network the thing again (this time to my pc), but it's not recognised. (In the activesync popup -in simpad- it tries to connect to the pc of my friend, I can't change this). Also the buttons of the simpad don't work. The power on/off button works for switching on, but not for switching off.

I've let the battery run out again, I've reset the simpad with inserting the stylus in the reset slot, I've tried the software reset, no changes !

I am not sure if I've messed up any of the options in Win CE. The manual is in German, the OS is in German, I can't find any info anywhere in English, and I don't know what I'm doing !

Thanks for bearing with me. Most of your posts are way too advanced for me, hope I understand any advice !